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Colonoscopies: Up Yours!

"Keep in mind that colonoscopy is the most accurate way to screen for colon cancer because it enables doctors to detect colon polyps. Detection and removal of polyps is crucial to preventing colon cancer because we know that, in the... Read More

Are Newt and Hillary on to Something? Sort Of...

"Longtime political foes Newt Gingrich and Hillary Rodham Clinton joined cheerfully yesterday to promote legislation on healthcare changes... The 21st Century Health Information Act would create regional health information networks to help transfer health data quic Read More

The Law of Proportionate Belief

Liz has said that there is not a shred of evidence for the biological factor, that the evidence against there being an advantage for males in intrinsic aptitude is so overwhelming that it is hard for me to see how... Read More

Only in America: Activist Medicine

"The trouble started innocently enough. I had something in my eye, so I rubbed it. As any mother or eye doctor can tell you, that didn't help. Three days later my left eye was swelling visibly and growing more painful... Read More

Poverty and Spending on Health Care

One of the most persistent myths about the U.S. health care system is that poor people lack access. While we allegedly provide luxury health care for the rich, we do much less than other countries for those in poverty. However,... Read More

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