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Surveillance After London: Threats and Opportunities

"[London] is a pioneer of a trend toward video surveillance that is also sweeping the United States and provoking howls from civil libertarians whose internal clocks are set to make a reference to 1984 every 15 minutes or so. Given... Read More

The Economy as a Food Court

Editors note: This the second article in a series on capital markets, innovation and regulation. . 2. Learning, Risk, and Time   "Certain economic quantities are so hard to estimate that I call them 'unobservables.' Two of these are the... Read More

Elvis and Fischer Black: Analyzing Perfect Capital Markets

"Cause Elvis is a perfect being.We are all moving in perfect peace and harmony towards Elvisness" -- Mojo Nixon, Elvis is Everywhere   To economists, Fischer Black is like Elvis Presley. Both were legendary, and both died relatively young. Black's... Read More

Terrorism Lessons From 1870

"Fools Crow thought of the final design on the yellow skin in Feather Woman's lodge. He saw the Napikwan children playing and laughing in a world they possessed. And he saw the Pikuni children, quiet and huddled together, alone and... Read More

The Folk Song Army Sings Africa

"We are the Folk Song Army.Everyone of us cares.We all hate poverty, war, and injustice,Unlike the rest of you squares."-- Tom Lehrer   Forty years ago, "The Folk Song Army," by singer-satirist Tom Lehrer, captured the smugness of Live 8... Read More

Fight Socienics

"What is wrong with eugenics is not the science, but the coercion. Eugenics is like any other programme that puts the social benefit before individual rights...Karl Pearson once said...'What is social is right, and there is no definition of right... Read More

Freakonomics or Amateur Sociology?

"In some quarters of our profession, the level of discussion has sunk to the level of a New Yorker article: coffee-table articles about 'cute' topics, papers using 'clever' instruments. The authors of these papers are usually unclear about the economic... Read More

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