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A Case for Immigration

"The Census Bureau reported last week that since 1989 about 70 percent of the increase in people below the government's official poverty line occurred among Hispanics. Over the same period, Hispanics accounted for more than half of the increase in... Read More

The Planning Illusion

"Hurricane Katrina has transformed Mississippi's mayors into car thieves, and senators into blockade runners. Isolated by the initial hit of the storm and failed by the slow federal response, citizens have fended for themselves in some original and not entirely... Read More

The Impossibility of 'Planned Improvisation'

"Uncertainty refers, per Frank Knight's 1921 definition, to unmeasurable and unquantifiable risk...[It] bears a close relationship to 'ambiguity'...Entrepreneurs who undertake uncertain initiatives face a wide spread between desirable and undesirable outcomes, but Read More

A Challenge for Brad DeLong

"we should be surprised. FEMA is a bureaucracy. A bureaucracy is designed to keep functioning even when it is headed by a man who was suddenly told by his private-sector bosses to find a new job and whose only qualification... Read More

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