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Tyler Cowen's Law

"I just don't believe that any political party can be mass-captured by the intelligent and brought around to sanity." -- Tyler Cowen There are passionate Republicans and passionate Democrats. But I agree with Tyler Cowen that neither party is likely... Read More

Why People Hate Economics

"the separateness of these two mechanisms, one for understanding the physical world and one for understanding the social world, gives rise to a duality of experience. We experience the world of material things as separate from the world of goals... Read More

Separation of Family and State

"The rioters are generally 12 to 25 years old, and roughly half of those arrested are under 18...Traditional parental control has disappeared and many Muslim families are headed by a single parent. Elders, imams and social workers have lost control.... Read More

Reconsidering the Bush Doctrine

Recently, Commentary magazine put together a fascinating symposium on the Bush Doctrine, which includes the use of pre-emptive attacks and the strategy of bringing democracy to the Middle East. I strongly recommend reading the symposium, as well as other recent... Read More

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