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The Most Important Economic News of the Year

"[P]roductivity is the best single measure of what leads to differences in economic performance. Even though GDP per capita is the all-encompassing measure, GDP per capita is determined primarily, almost entirely, by productivity. People basically work in order to Read More

We Need Domestic Spying...

"The NSA's activities under this authorization are thoroughly reviewed by the Justice Department and NSA's top legal officials, including NSA's general counsel and inspector general. Leaders in Congress have been briefed more than a dozen times on this authorizatio Read More

Who Wants Health Insurance?

"Insurance really only works well when it is somehow mandated. There's no homeowners' insurance crisis or auto insurance crisis (well maybe just a little). That's because nearly all homeowners and drivers are required to carry it. You can't get a... Read More

Iraq and the Corruption Trap

"...political competitors who are unable to make credible promises to most voters will, upon taking office, underprovide public goods, overspend on transfers to narrow groups, and engage in significant rent-seeking. That is, the behavior of such politicians can be Read More

This Is What Textbooks Should Be Like

"The favored game at the moment has to be price-gouging the natural way, riding the bandwagon of organic food...For example, in the UK, organic milk commands a premium of around 50 cents per quart, but the farmer sees less than... Read More

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