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The Battle of the Borders

What we have now -- and would with guest workers -- is a conscious policy of creating poverty in the United States while relieving it in Mexico. By and large, this is a bad bargain for the United States. It... Read More

Throwing the Jews Under the Bus

"...with any luck the 2008 Presidential campaign will be the first since September 11 to move beyond the 'stolen election' of 2000 and openly debate what course we should follow in the long war ahead. It's a debate that will... Read More

Is Socialized Medicine the Answer?

"When you think of the problem of health care costs, you shouldn't envision visits to the family physician to talk about a sore throat; you should think about coronary bypass operations, dialysis, and chemotherapy." — Paul Krugman and Robin Wells,... Read More

Fair or Foul?

" everything else the legal system touches nowadays, U.S. patent law has been hijacked so that it now operates nearly in reverse, deterring research and penalizing innovation... "RIM faces a possible injunction barring it from providing BlackBerry service in Read More

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