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Israel's Vietnam

"There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result." --Winston Churchill Hamas and other rejectionist Palestinian factions are enjoying an exhilarating experience. Israeli airplanes, tanks, and artillery are putting on a show of force, without hi Read More

That's Your Cue

"These sacred truths are unverifiable, and unfalsifiable, but the faithful nevertheless accept them to be unquestionable. In doing so, like assemblies of the faithful since the dawn of language, they bind themselves together for protection or common action against Read More

Are You a Conservative?

"what's happening politically on the Left, the other big idea there besides malignant narcissism, is existentialist nihilism. It's the idea that nothing really does matter; that humanity is in and of itself a problem... Socialized health care and the idea... Read More

Libertarianism and Poverty

"My son was in the best public middle school in San Francisco in the gifted program and I had to take him out and enroll him in an expensive private school which I can't afford...Why? Well it's folks like Mr.... Read More

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