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From Far Left to Libertarian

The question of how I became a libertarian ultimately is a question about how I changed my mental model of the political system from one of "good guys vs. villains" to one of the importance of limited government, individual liberty,... Read More

A Military Strategy, Not a Marketing Strategy

In my response to my essay making the case for staying home in November on Election Day, I received a lot of pushback from voters who believe that the war on Islamic fascism justifies voting for Republicans, despite what one... Read More

November: The Case for Staying Home

"As a life-long Republican and occasional federal official, I must acknowledge a hard truth: I don't much care how a divided government is next realized. And, in 2006, there's only one way that's going to happen." -- William Niskanen The... Read More

Naming Our Enemies

"Ideally, in the case of a right (for example, the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures) that could be asserted against government measures for protecting national security, one would like to locate the point at which a... Read More

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