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Plato's Republic or Milton Friedman's Market?

"How can policy be improved? My first recommendation is that policymakers should pause and truly absorb the fact that government generally cannot be counted on to correct market failures efficiently by itself. Second, it is important for policymakers to... Read More

Instapundits and Instascholars

"I hope to persuade you that the decline of a print-based epistemology and the accompanying rise of a television-based epistemology has had grave consequences for public life, that we are getting sillier by the minute." -- Neil Postman, Amusing... Read More

For Whom the Bell Curves: America's Education Dilemma

" makes sense for only about 15% of the population, 25% if one stretches it, to get a college education. And yet more than 45% of recent high school graduates enroll in four-year colleges... What they really need is... Read More

The Big Three

"We have been inexorably centralizing control over the schools in this country for 150 years. We've gone from one-room schoolhouses overseen directly by the parents of the children who attended them to sprawling bureaucracies that consume half of the... Read More

Appreciating Our Moral and Mental Development

"In 16th century Paris, a popular form of entertainment was cat-burning, in which a cat was hoisted on a stage and was slowly lowered into a fire. According to the historian Norman Davies, "the spectators, including kings and queens,... Read More

Iraq's Natural State

"For much of the world, the relevant alternative to the natural state is not an open access order like the United States or France, but a descent into the hell of disorder." -- Douglass C. North, John Joseph Wallis,... Read More

Two Strategies for Avoiding Truth

"Physicists do it...Psychologists do it...Even political scientists do it...Research findings confirming a hypothesis are accepted more or less at face value, but when confronted with contrary evidence, we become "motivated skeptics" ... picking apart possible fla Read More

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