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Understanding the Current Financial Turmoil

"Consider the case of Countrywide, which finances nearly one in every five home mortgages, almost all of them to "prime" borrowers, rather than the riskier "subprime" sort. Despite that commanding position, Countrywide's stock price has been halved since the... Read More

The Facebook Generation Gap

Arnold: "Do you think Facebook will try to get closer to 100 percent coverage by reaching out to people my age? Or will they wait for us to die off?" Young Dave: "Wait for you to die off." In 1994,... Read More

The Universal Distraction

"Nobody is talking about a free-market approach in health care. The spectrum today is between fascism and Communism." --John Graham The Pacific Research Institute's John Graham offered this glum assessment during a brief chat recently when he came to... Read More

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