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The Political Problem of Hindsight Bias

"One of the most systematic errors in human perception is what psychologists call hindsight bias -- the feeling, after an event happens, that we knew all along it was going to happen. Across a wide spectrum of issues, from politics... Read More

Living Forever: Is It Possible? What Will Get Us There?

When I say "amyloid," of course, almost everyone thinks of beta-amyloid protein (also called "amyloid beta"), which accumulates as the waxy "senile plaques" that cluster around the brain cells of people with Alzheimer's disease. --Aubrey de Grey, Ending Aging: The. Read More

Order and Disorder

"There is an equivalence between a tariff and a quota as these are drawn on the blackboard...They are not, however, equivalent in practice. A tariff and a quota generally involve different institutional frameworks...With the quota, the distribution of sales... Read More

A Plan to Address Troubled Mortgages

I suspect that the widespread panic over potential mortgage defaults is due less to the magnitude of the underlying problem than to other factors. One factor is that August was a slow news month. Another factor is that many... Read More

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