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The War on Tourism

Call it the terrorists' War on Tourism -- a war waged by jihadists that long predates 9-11, Afghanistan and Iraq. Last week's terror attacks on Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh resorts left nearly 90 dead. The attacks also sent an economic... Read More

Hamas in the Crosshairs

The internecine Palestinian war has been an on and off struggle for several years, but Yassir Arafat's death last November raised the stakes and set the stage for something more violent and perhaps more conclusive. The war pits the Palestinian... Read More

Hey, News Media, You're the Target

Terrorism as practiced by Al Qaeda -- and, for that matter, Saddamist killers in Iraq -- is 21st century information warfare. Terrorists don't simply target London and Baghdad, they target the news media. Al Qaeda understands that our media craves... Read More

'Terror Target No. 1'

NORTHERN PERSIAN GULF, AL BASRAH OIL TERMINAL -- Desert and ocean, sand and salt, literally collide in the brown-white haze above the blue water of the Persian Gulf.   It's noon, 109 degrees, and I'm standing next to a U.S.... Read More

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