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DJIBOUTI, Africa -- Djibouti is one of those places few can pronounce (ja-boo-tee) and fewer visit. Situated in the dangerous geographic "elbow" known as "The Horn of Africa" -- with Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea its immediate neighbors -- the former... Read More

The Next Democracy

An Iraqi democracy, whatever its final form and written constitution, will be both controversial and dangerous. According to philosopher Paul Woodruff, controversy and danger are innate characteristics of democracy.   I read Woodruff's provocative new book, "F Read More

A Soldier's Story

Meet Pete the Barber. Pete's story illustrates why Col. Henry Gole's "Soldiering: Observations from Korea, Vietnam, and Safe Places" (Potomac Books) is no "old soldier's war story," but a fascinating hybrid of gripping personal history and rigorous personal essay. Read More

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