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The Butcher and the Bard

Perhaps Saddam Hussein, the Butcher of Baghdad, has taken advice from Shakespeare's Dick the Butcher. In "Henry VI, Part II," Act IV Dick the Butcher blurts out one of the Bard's most misquoted and misunderstood lines: "The first thing we... Read More

Sharon's Calculation

By reputation, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is the blunt, armored instrument of Israeli politics. On the battlefield, Sharon was something like the tanks he led, a visceral juggernaut of a commander dedicated to offensive action. His courage, audacity and... Read More

Un-Jolly Rogers

Long John Silver personified the romantic literature's image of the pirate. "Treasure Island's" pirate chief was a greedy killer, but his occasional displays of heart and humor elevated him above the usual sea mobster. Young Hawkins admired Long John --... Read More

France Needs Evolution, Not Revolution

"Brennt Paris?" Adolf Hitler asked in August 1944. "Is Paris burning?" The Paris garrison commander, German Gen. Dietrich von Choltitz, finessed the Fuhrer's "scorched earth" evil. His forces put up a fight, but Paris wasn't torched and turned to ash.... Read More

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