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The Big Story of 2005?

In December 2004, I wrote a column that led with this line: "Mark it on your calendar: Next month, the Arab Middle East will revolt." The column placed the January 2005 Palestinian and Iraqi elections in historical context. These were... Read More

An Unexpected Gift

The hymn demanded verve. And with Beethoven providing the melody line, power and harmonic glory, should have been easy to achieve. But the pianist-in-rumpled-uniform had no verve. The sweat-soaked fellow on the piano stool seemed distracted. His knee hit the... Read More

The Great Revolt Continues

With Iraq's latest trip to the polls, the great revolt continues. It's not a revolt led by generals with tanks or by millenarian terrorists, but a democratic revolution led by Iraqi men and women braving terrorist threats and bombs to... Read More

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