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Canadian Military, No Oxymoron

Take two apparently contradictory terms, and link them in a single phrase. The result is an oxymoron, a figure of speech yoking a perceived contradiction in terms. "Military intelligence" almost always rates a chuckle, as does "jumbo shrimp." A skilled... Read More

From "The Beirut Spring" to Toppling Assad

Two events sparked Lebanon's 2005 "Beirut Spring," that "street revolution" of protests and pro-democracy demonstrations which ultimately forced Syria to end its two-decade-long military occupation of Lebanon. The first revolutionary fire-starter was Iraq's histori Read More

Burned by Hot Buttons

Over Christmas, I reread several of Winston Churchill's speeches. Though over six decades old, Churchill's words still move, empower and inspire. Churchill mastered what rhetoricians call "emotional appeal and exhortation," yet he never ignored or glossed the harsh Read More

The Mullahs' Quest, the Mullahs' Fear

Pity the United Nations and the European Union. The militant theocrats running Iran have ignored their pleas, protests, promises of aid and finger-wagging threats of economic sanction. Tehran's mullahs want nuclear weapons. Money, media appeals and political yammer Read More

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