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What's Bin Laden's Co-Pay Like?

Al-Qaida offers medical benefits and paid vacations. That's a fact, not a satire -- an ironic fact indicative of al-Qaida's detailed plans for waging a long and vicious war against "the West," Muslim opponents, Buddhists, Hindus and all other enemies... Read More

Clinton's Fizzled Haiti Project

The latest news from Haiti isn't good, particularly for Clinton administration legacy polishers. Haiti's failure, however, should have instructive resonance for the United States if it truly intends to fight and win the "long war" against tyranny and terror. Haiti' Read More

Violent Rhetoric or Flush Toilets?

Hamas versus Fatah in Palestine illustrates a political dilemma all too common in the developing world: a choice between rule by corrupt autocrats or violent revolt led by religious or ethnic zealots promising glory and utopia. But is this really... Read More

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