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Remembering Saddam's Slow War

The latest accusation that the United States "rushed to war" with Saddam's Iraq conveniently ignores 12 years of combat, terror and crime. Perhaps The Slow War -- Saddam's war against the U.N.-mandated sanctions and inspections regimen that halted Operation Desert. Read More

Creeping Wars

Serbian dictator Slobodon Milosevic didn't invent the "creeping war of aggression." Prior to the invasion of Poland, Hitler pursued one via intimidation and diplomacy; Imperial Japan attacked China bite by bite. Milosevic, however, was one of the first to pursue... Read More

Is the Nation-State Dying?

Is the "nation-state" dying? Several strategic thinkers, including the brilliant Martin van Creveld, have suggested that the nation-state is kaput. At least two books published in the 1990s sported titles trumpeting "the end of the nation-state" — extreme versions Read More

A Rose By Any Other Name

What's in a name change? At the United Nations, the answer is "not much" -- unless substantial structural and organizational change occurs. Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. For years, the rancid smell of... Read More

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