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From Hezbollah to Hezbollost

Israel's and Hezbollah's War of the Rockets has entered a new phase: the War of the Wallets, the race to gain political capital by rebuilding southern Lebanon. Diplomats and military analysts continue to debate The War of the Rockets. The... Read More

Hit or Missile

North Korea's July missile volley raised legitimate concern about American vulnerability to ballistic missile and cruise missile attack. Hezbollah's rocket barrage of Israel demonstrated that terrorist organizations (non-state actors) can acquire and use missile sy Read More

9/11 Myths, Debunked

Trust that conspiracy theorists will attempt to exploit the fifth anniversary of 9/11 to spread sensational claims and sensational lies. Moreover, it's a fair bet sensationalist media will collaborate, not because the squawk show host or headline scribbler believes Read More

Summer Opportunities

July 2006 may prove to be a signal, era-shaping month in 21st-century history. Sensationalists, fear mongers, defeatists and terrorists prefer predictions of catastrophe and disaster. On the surface, last month looks like a violent disaster, an August 1914, with th Read More

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