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The Sword Is Mightier Than the Pen

The demonstrators had extraordinary moral credibility. Last week in Kigali, Rwanda, survivors of the 1994 Rwanda genocide called on the United Nations and world leaders to act to end the continuing genocide in Sudan's western Darfur region. "We survivors stand... Read More

The Global Ambush

Remember the "Arab street," that riot-in-the-road featuring flammable Israeli flags, Saddam Hussein posters, clenched fists and chants threatening "Death to America"? The street may have lacked pavement and a fire hydrant, but it had beaucoup television cameras. Fl Read More

Cops and Warriors

This year, Iran's theocratic dictators celebrated Sept. 11 by banning several opposition newspapers, including Iran's leading "reformist" daily, Shargh. Shargh had committed political sin and published a cartoon that Tehran's robed dictators found insulting to Pres Read More

"Luck is the Residue of Design."

On Sept. 11, 2001, Al-Qaida's terrorist hijackers implemented an audacious, imaginative, and well-designed -- but risky -- attack. Al-Qaida's 9-11 planners and hijackers believed audacity and vicious execution would minimize the risk of failure. But they all counte Read More

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