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The Butcher, the Baker...

Iraqis haven't forgotten the aftermath of Desert Storm. With Saddam's troops forced to retreat from Kuwait, Shia Arabs throughout southern Iraq rose up against Saddam's tyranny. Kurds in the north also rebelled. Many Sunnis in Baghdad anticipated the end... Read More

Let's Play Hangman

Josef Stalin died in power, and the old Communist mass murderer avoided punishment -- at least, punishment exacted in this mortal world. Contemporary Russia still suffers from the long-term effects of Stalin's evil depredations. Unlike Germany and Japan, two... Read More

The Cost of the Times' SWIFT Story

October Surprise? This year, October began on Sunday, June 23, when The New York Times sprang this election's first, most odious and most damaging "media revelation." I'm referring to the Times' faux-expose of the productive and legal counter-terrorist finance inte Read More

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