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Pharaoh's Army

Al-Qaida's Ayman al-Zawahiri's pre-Christmas rants backfired in both Palestine and in Washington, D.C. Dr. Zawahiri -- Al-Qaida's terror emir No. 2 -- ordered the Palestinians to wage his globalist brand of jihad. In the midst of their own vicious... Read More

Operation Call Home

In Iraq and Afghanistan, there are no holidays. Every day is a duty day. Military service always entails self-sacrifice, ranging from the loss of holidays to the rugged test of a year-long deployment away from family, to the greatest... Read More

The Year's Important Books of War and Technology

Foreign policy, national security, military history and technology-related books published in 2006 jam this year's Christmas book column. Each volume uniquely addresses current issues and events. Carnes Lord's "Losing Hearts and Minds" (Praeger Security Internatio Read More

Where We Are in the Long War

It isn't irony, it's history, our immediate history, where what we choose to do -- or not do -- will have extraordinary effects on the course of this challenging century. Still, the week of the 65th anniversary of Japan's... Read More

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