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Thwarting the Plot Against Sistani

Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani is a most remarkable man. Consider these attributes: a Muslim theologian who promotes democracy, an Iraqi Shia leader who supports national reconciliation, an international Shia luminary who believes Sunnis and Shias and Chris Read More

Understanding the Iraq-Yugoslavia Analogy

After 16 years of war and peacekeeping, the Great Yugoslav War of Devolution has entered a new, promising phase. But don't call it finished, and don't call it peace -- at least not quite yet. A substantial slice of... Read More

"Unified Action" in the 21st Century's War for Modernity

The War on Terror does not have a Winston Churchill, a bulldog poet defending civilization with both visceral determination and energizing eloquence. It does have George Bush's spine and Tony Blair's oratory, however. As a tandem, President Bush's "Iraq... Read More

The Age of Proximity

The Age of Anxiety isn't a new phenomenon -- but the Age of Proximity is. And with good reason, the Age of Proximity is a dangerous, challenging era. Monday, Jan. 8, 2007, provided several uncomfortable illustrations. Take New York... Read More

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