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Iran's Latest Hostage Gamble

The sailors call them "RHIBs" -- rigid hull inflatable boats. Add powerful outboard motors, and the agile, shallow-draft RHIB becomes an ideal watercraft for scooting around the Tigris and Euphrates estuary or for slipping among suspicious dhows in Iraqi... Read More

Picture Perfect

On the surface, the African Union's critique of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe doesn't sound particularly damning. The AU's statement calls for "respect for human rights and democratic principles in Zimbabwe." It is rather mild for a scold, and perhaps... Read More

By the Way: We're Not Losing

The chattering class nostrum that Free Iraq and its coalition allies have "lost the Iraq war" is so blatantly wrong it would be a source of laughter were human life and hope-inspiring liberty not at such terrible risk. In... Read More

Maliki's Most Potent Weapon

Petroleum is the resource that dominates discussion of Iraq's economy. However, water and rich agricultural land make the country much more than a desert oil spigot. Combine water and productive land, and the product is history -- the history... Read More

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