Articles by Austin Williams

The Need for Speed

Anniversaries are always good times to stand back and reassess a particular field of endeavor. This year, for example, is the 100th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company, the iconic Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company and the Wright Brothers' first powered... Read More

Pau-City of Culture

It was a foregone conclusion. I even had a bet on it. I can't believe that I was the only one to see it. After a year of waiting, my little wager paid up and now ten whole British pounds... Read More

Gimme Shelter

Several years ago, Martin Valatin, representing the (non-Orwellian) organization Architects for Peace and Social Responsibility, wrote glowingly about the Mathare squatter settlement in Kenya - a place where 400,000 human beings were forced to live in an abandoned Read More

Therapy for Gaia?

For those who believe in the concept of Gaia - the planet as a living organism - the latest European Environment Agency (EEA) report reads like a sick note. Whereas some environmentalists have diagnosed the planet as terminally ill, the... Read More

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