Articles by Barry A. Liebling

Whole Foods Has Guts

There is nothing unusual about Chief Executives Officers of large companies expressing their political opinions in The Wall Street Journal. But recently John Mackey, a founder of Whole Foods Market, made a big splash with his column "The Whole Foods... Read More

ObamaCare: It's Not About Money

People have always quarreled about money, and sometimes these conflicts conceal a deep animosity. President Obama has made Health Care Reform a priority for his first year in office. His website promises that his program will "Reduce costs, guarantee choice,... Read More

Saving Phantom Jobs

There is nothing new about politicians making preposterous claims. Sometimes, even though they should know better, they actually believe what they are saying. Other times they calculate it is advantageous to argue a point they realize is not true. Since... Read More

After Banks Are Nationalized

Is it really a big deal if the Federal government takes an ownership stake in some of the largest banks? Certainly the banks will still provide checking and savings accounts, issue credit cards, and originate loans. But government equity fundamentally... Read More

Irreconcilable Differences

The debate on how to address the economic crisis can leave you breathless. Discerning free-market advocates understand that government meddling contributed to the troubles and restricting the government to its proper function of protecting individual rights is the Read More

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