Articles by Benedikt Koehler

Bean-Counter as Scapegoat

All the media attention paid to Bernie Ebbers' conviction has given us a taste of what we can expect when the trial commences against the architects of the decline and fall of the Enron empire. It would not be... Read More

Taxicab Concessions

All politics is local, as Tip O'Neill used to say. This adage might have guided the British government's response to a report by the UK's competition watchdog, the Office of Fair Trading. The OFT recommended an overhaul of taxi trade... Read More

The Finnish Revolution

Finns do not top of the list of people known for hot-blooded radicalism. You look in vain in Finnish history books for stories of citizens storming a Bastille just to let authorities know how they feel. Yet time and again... Read More

Grid Lock

Europe's nascent single market has been suffering teething problems. Monetary union is a case in point. Uniform interest rates across member states have exposed in stark relief growth-rate differentials between countries which adapt (think of Spain or Ireland) and Read More

Keep In on the Down-Load

The British Phonograph Industry has levied over £50,000 in fines against various individuals guilty of swapping pop music downloaded from the internet. This successful conviction of music file-swappers in Britain made a great impact. To begin with, millions of Read More

Giving Power to the People

The World Economic Forum handed researchers a list of countries ranked by pollution levels and asked them to identify explanatory factors. The findings were a surprise. Think of the usual suspects you might expect to promote pollution. Urbanization? Car ownership?. Read More

The Christmas Spectrum

Still looking for the Christmas gift for the person who has everything? If the embarrassment of appearing empty-handed on Boxing Day is unbearable, cash is not the issue and you are living in the UK, put your worries behind... Read More

Keeping Up with the Phones

Britain's telecom regulator OFCOM has just published its strategic review, its road map for where the industry is heading. The telecom community will be scouring the document for pointers whether rules of engagement will be changing. OFCOM is a... Read More

Power to the People

On a Richter scale registering the impact of economic news on public attention, hikes in electricity prices are usually barely perceptible. Utility bills are not the stuff tabloid headlines are made of. Yet in September for days on end... Read More

Casino Battle Royale

Casinos once upon a time were a staple film setting where action heroes proved they moved at ease with wealth, glamour and risk. But gambling nowadays has moved beyond the portals guarded by liveried doormen and permeates the culture... Read More

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