Articles by Benjamin Zycher

So Much For American Sovereignty

The greater the power to redistribute wealth wielded by government, the stronger the private-sector incentive to circumvent it, and so ever-expanding is the power that government must grasp. Nowhere is that eternal truth clearer than in the ongoing debate... Read More

Another Full-Employment Act For the Lawyers

Let us begin with the obvious: Politics is the art of wealth redistribution. And while the meek shall inherit the earth, someday, in the here and now it is Congress that bestows favors and imposes costs as we travel... Read More

You'll Never Condo in This Town Again

As Saul Steinberg taught us many years ago, from the perspective of New Yorkers, Hollywood might as well be Japan. Well, let us now observe, from our perspective out here in the land of Arnold, that New York might as... Read More

Night-Watchman State Works Round-the-Clock

Is it me or does every "crisis" pronouncement by government officials yield a reduction in individual liberty? Consider: The "crisis" of narcotics use -- essentially, adults harming themselves -- has engendered a wholesale erosion of the time-honored 4th Amendment Read More

Two Tax Myths

The vacation season is past. The days are getting shorter. The new school year looms interminable. No more barbeques, ice cream, and beer. Dieting can be postponed no more. Work beckons rudely, and the boss -- tan, rested, ready --... Read More

Futures Talk

If I were smart, I'd be rich. Alas, I am neither; but, according to my wife, I am old. Therein lies a well-worn tale, to wit, it is difficult indeed to beat the market, despite decades of dedicated effort. Thus... Read More

Life at the Margins

In August 2000, Nicholas Markowitz, 15, was kidnapped in a Los Angeles suburb, held for several days, and then murdered by a group of men who had grown up with Markowitz' older brother. The larger motives for this crime remain... Read More

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