Articles by Bob Collins

Eminent Threat

They wore T-shirts that said "My House -- My Rights" and "Fight Eminent Domain Abuse." You'd think that the defenders of property rights would be heroes -- the little guys standing up to the big developer and fighting City Hall.... Read More

Emission Improbable

It's a Saturday morning in summer, and I'm going back and forth to the local Ohio E-Check station, getting emissions tests for the two family cars. The Environmental Protection Agency has just reported that the United States achieved a... Read More

Betting Against Bush

How big a victory did President Bush score on taxes? Consider this: Congress passed permanent, retroactive marginal rate reductions for the wealthiest taxpayers, and the press barely noticed. The reason: Bush had already advanced to his next bold tax target... Read More

Liberation Technology

Technology is improving our lives so quickly that we barely notice how profound the change has been. In 1997, I decided to leave my job in a corporation and begin working for myself, in my home. That decision has made... Read More

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