Articles by Bonner R. Cohen

Gore Dodges Repeated Calls to Debate Global Warming

As over 150 heads of state and government gather at UN headquarters in New York to discuss climate change, former Vice President Al Gore, the most prominent proponent of the theory of the human-induced, catastrophic global warming, continues to... Read More

Ignore Greenpeace on Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security's recent "Code-Orange" alert was a grim reminder of the ever-present threat posed by terrorism. Fortunately, the alert passed with no harm done. Indeed, the heightened awareness shown by security officials, law-enforcement perso Read More

Look Out! The Precautionary Principle May Soon Be in a State Near You

In these times of jittery stock prices and almost daily announcements of new layoffs by high-tech firms, it would be easy to conclude that the biggest threat to American predominance in science and technology comes from the current economic... Read More

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