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We Are Not Safe (And That's Okay)

Polling data tell us the American public feels less safe than it did pre-9/11. American soldiers are dying daily at the hands of insurgents/terrorists in streets of Baghdad and the mountains of Afghanistan. We just learned that terrorists were coming... Read More

On the Right Path

As America recovers from Hurricane Katrina, another storm is growing ever more menacing for the Department of Homeland Security. Accusations of institutional failure by DHS in its response to Katrina increase each day. No target has been left untouched --... Read More

Required Viewing

They are images that make the heart heavy, and tear at the soul. For days and weeks after Sept. 11, the public was saturated with the video of hijacked airliners spearing themselves into the World Trade Center Towers. And... Read More

Civil War

"War," Gen. William T. Sherman once wrote, "is at best barbarism." Having lived through (as well as having engineered) some of the bloodiest campaigns in world history, he certainly knew what he was talking about. Sherman would no doubt have... Read More

Tall Tale of the Tape

After months of intense speculation, Osama bin Laden's fate might finally be determined with the release of a scratchy, terse audio recording attributed to him. Already critics of the fight against terror (including Sen. Tom Daschle and Washington Post columnist... Read More

Fire at Will

Last week it was reported that the C.I.A. had successfully eliminated Abu Ali al-Harithi, a top al-Qaeda operative in Yemen, with a missile fired from a Predator drone. Far from being viewed as a successful mission in the war on... Read More

Remember 'Germany First'

The details of the attack are well known: devastating losses, a terrible toll on human life. The American public, with a burning lust for revenge, heartily endorsed total war against the enemy who attacked without warning. There could be no... Read More

Why It Was Different

As we mark the first anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, people everywhere will try to place the attacks into an historical context. The most natural analogy, and the one that has pervaded our culture, is that 9/11 is... Read More

Outta Time

The second guessing about 9/11 has been going on for some time now, so new variations on old themes should not be a big surprise. Already we have seen the old standards of blaming the CIA and FBI trotted out,... Read More

The Delta Force Paradigm

In order to understand how 9/11 could have happened, we have to understand how entirely unexpected the method of attack was. Even taking into consideration the recent uproar about the tidbits of information about suicide hijackers that were "missed", it... Read More

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