Articles by Brian M. Carney

'Watch With Both Eyes'

Cliches are just that -- careworn, over-used, sometimes-seductive substitutes for real thought. But we keep them around anyhow for a reason, and the reason is that they sometimes prove useful. And the recent bombings in Madrid, together with the... Read More

Ireland's Puritans

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Mary Harney once said that Ireland was -- "spiritually" anyway -- closer to Boston than Berlin. Her point was, if Europe and the U.S. are divided by America's supposedly unrestrained capitalism and Europe's "more compassionate"... Read More

Strauss Was Right

One of the most striking aspects of recent discussions of US foreign policy since the liberation of Iraq is how much of it has centered on the supposed posthumous influence of Leo Strauss. Strauss, a formerly obscure German Jewish émigré... Read More

Reluctant Free-Trader

According to the European Union's own mythology, the bloc stands as a testament to the power of trade to bring people together, end wars, and spread prosperity. But for all that, the EU remains remarkably reluctant to share these benefits... Read More

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