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When and Why America Is At Its Best

One might say that Kyoto is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there. Of course it has become a symbolic Nirvana for every tree-hugger on the planet while gas-swilling, car-crazed Barbarians in America choose to... Read More

Individual Vigilance

It lapses into the hopelessly obvious to note that this nation is totally committed to the automobile. Almost all movement of goods and services depends on trucks and cars in one way or another. Over 250 million of these... Read More

Will Big Brother Be Watching You?

I like to believe that I operate within reasonable limits of paranoia, although my threat meter often spiked when I scan the dashboard of my hopelessly politically-incorrect, road-crushing, fuel-swilling Hummer H2. There lies a small blue and white button... Read More

My Other Car Is a...

Mea Culpa: I own a Hummer H2, the PC equivalent to Al Capone's armored Cadillac. Yet despite the yelps and snarls of outrage from the Greenies, the great old lump serves me well, hauling our dogs and our 15-foot... Read More

Engines for Today, Engines for the Future

Perhaps within the next decade we will witness some sort of resolution regarding the ongoing struggle within the automobile industry about exactly what sort of power plant will propel your ol' flivver in the garage. Of course the motor... Read More

A Hybrid Shock?

Presuming we source our news from the elite media, the prospect of gas-electric Hybrid automobiles projects a new Nirvana on the nation's highways. Low emissions, high fuel mileage and decent performance in a fleet of new vehicles on the... Read More

Outta Gas

It is so mindless. So normal. This morning I awoke in our air-conditioned bedroom, fired up the electric coffeemaker and the computer before beginning this ramble about the energy shortages of the future. It seems so irrelevant; this issue... Read More

One More Reason to Give Thanks

The week just past produced for me a blur of emotions. Of course the sadness was centered on the death of Ronald Reagan, a towering figure of the 20th Century whose single accomplishment of peacefully kicking the slats from... Read More

It Ain't War

Now that every pundit, media mogul and editorial page pin-head is at full cry about the so-called gasoline price outrage and how it is about to send the economy into a 1929-style crash, I guess it's time for me... Read More

Performance Rules

If we listen to the whining issued from the cosmic thinkers in Manhattan and in the halls of Congress, one would be led to believe that Americans are being starved for high-mileage automobiles. But due to the avarice and... Read More

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