Brock Yates: March 2002 Archives

All Eyes On Me

"Even paranoids have enemies," pronounced a bumper sticker on the back of a ratty old Ford I spotted several years ago. I suppose my reaction was vaguely sympathetic, considering a mild disposition in that direction, especially when it comes to... Read More

Bitter CAFE

Only days ago that it seemed likely that the solons in the Senate would jack up the CAFE standards to a draconian 35 miles per gallon despite the protests of the automobile industry, its labor unions and temperate thinkers everywhere.... Read More

The Four (Wheel) Freedoms

Like an increasing number of America households, mine contains a jumble of computers and automobiles. While this is an example of the surfeit of riches that seems to enrage the Arab world, the fact remains that multi-car, multi-computer families... Read More

Cars in Utopia

Logic seldom wins battles of the heart. It therefore becomes nearly impossible for those trying to inject sense into the debate over CAFE standards and related subjects dealing with the future of the automobiles to seize the moral high... Read More

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