Brock Yates: April 2002 Archives

No Fear

Cover your ears. The Cassandras are at full cry. Not only is the entire Middle East about to incinerate due to the Israeli/Palestinian mega-riot (not yet a real war, yet, despite hysterical claims to the contrary) but the nation is... Read More

Fuming About Gas

While the CAFE issue has been put to sleep by the Senate, the hysteria to reduce the use of much-hated gasoline in the equally-reviled private automobile has hardly subsided among the Greens and their media toadies. The rumble on the... Read More

The Age of the SUV

One can only hope that blood pressure levels at the New York Times editorial offices have returned to normal. Surely hypertension was off the Richter Scale last week while the New York automobile show was underway a few blocks... Read More

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