Brock Yates: September 2002 Archives

'High' Crimes...

I am truly worried about Keith Bradsher. Unless he can get this sport utility vehicle curse off his back, he is headed for serious trouble. A nervous breakdown? Fits of depression? The window ledge of a tall building? These are... Read More

Hit the Road, Jack

Let me see now, wasn't this about the time that everybody in urban America would have shucked their filthy automobiles and embarked for work on light rail cars, subways, environmentally pristine buses, bicycles, Segways and shank's mare? As I recall,... Read More

Fuel Hell

Being the hopeless optimist that I am, I was convinced that an automotive Nirvana lay ahead. The fuming internal combustion engine would be history, displaced by silent, clean and friendly efficient fuel cells that would (1) excise the environment of... Read More

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