Brock Yates: December 2002 Archives

SUV: Our Savior

Ravaged by guilt, I was about to cancel my order for a new, three-ton, fly yellow, 300-jillion horsepower, gas-swilling Hummer H2 and spec out a Chinese-built, 20-speed Mountain Bike. But Whoa! Wait a minute! Hold on I'm keeping the Hummer... Read More

Perils of Gridlock

Thomas Friedman, the highly-respected, award-winning foreign policy wonk for New York Times is, like the rest of his fellow liberal staff members, fretting about our dependence on Middle-Eastern oil. It is a concern, one might be reminded, that has drifted... Read More

All Aboard

I was delighted to learn that the Dick Tracys who man our airport security checkpoints confiscated 16,000 knives over the Thanksgiving weekend. Of course a vast majority of those weapons were not Bowie knives, machetes, stilettos or switch-blades, but rather... Read More

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