Brock Yates: January 2003 Archives

Paranoiac Arguments

Now I am truly concerned about the mental health of the liberal establishment. While they seem to have gotten over the alleged election theft from poor Albert and the loss of the Congress in November, this Sport Utility thing seems... Read More

Too Broad a Brush

One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry about Arianna Huffington's two television spots equating driving an SUV to international terrorism. Ms. Huffington, the noted political philosopher, high-minded intellectual and Washington and L.A. party gadfly has created a Read More

Hocus Pocus

As we pitch and yaw into another new year there comes the inevitable spate of optimism about new automotive breakthroughs that will break our bonds with the hated internal combustion engine. Last year we had the slap-stick Segway upright Hoover... Read More

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