Bruce Fein: February 2003 Archives

Un-Founding Fathers (and Parents)

The Founding Fathers would be mortified and ashamed by the latest litigation frolic against McDonald's. They brought forth a new nation conceived in self-discipline, heroism, and a conviction that we are masters of our fate, captains of our soul.... Read More

Mending Malpractice Mania

Medical malpractice insurance premiums are out of joint. Some doctors are fleeing high premium states for more physician friendly jurisdictions. In certain specialties in certain states, premiums have climbed above $250,000 annually. Other beleaguered health care Read More

Overcoming Monopoly

Some businesses achieve dominance by skill, innovation, and daring enterprise. Such entrepreneurial genius should be encouraged, not punished. It is what has made America an economic colossus. But local phone monopolists, i.e., the Baby Bells, attained dominance by Read More

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