Bruce Fein: April 2003 Archives

Conflict of Loyalties

Independent agencies inhabit an odd constitutional universe. They are independent of both the President and Congress, yet are executive branch creatures that exercise both quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial powers. Agency chairmen characteristically command agen Read More

Dictating Double Standards

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman, w. J. "Billy" Tauzin's federalism arabesque pointing towards States' rights on energy and towards a uniform national policy on local phone service is reminiscent of philosopher Sam Johnson's dog walking on its hinder le Read More

Larcenies Petty and Grand

Erratic law hikes risks and dampens business activity. Punitive damages are emblematic. Juries intermittently return astronomical awards pursuant to open-ended standards that invite caprice and whimsy. Such freakish law makes liability insurance for punitive verdi Read More

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