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The Future of Higher Ed

The National Commission on the Future of Higher Education will release its final report today, with Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings giving the administration's response to the Commission's work. The Secretary should be pleased with parts of the final docu Read More

The Spirit of St. Louis: Labor Rising in America

"We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old"-- "Solidarity Forever" Famous Union Song ST. LOUIS -- Anybody who thought that organized labor is dead in America should have attended this week's "Change to Win"... Read More

What Happened to Brotherhood and Solidarity?

Many organized labor leaders and their allies are furious over the decision Monday by the Service Employees International Union and the Teamsters to part ways with the AFL-CIO and form their own labor federation. While SEIU and the Teamsters are... Read More

Union Blues: How Big Labor Flouts the Law to Harm Its Members

The AFL-CIO got a rude awakening last week when the Department of Labor delivered a stern warning: labor pension funds are not to be used for political purposes. The directive was a blow to organized labor, which attempted to... Read More

Labor's Social Security Hypocrisy

In the weeks since the President began pushing for Social Security reform, labor unions have targeted businesses and investment firms that support personal retirement accounts with a public relations campaign aimed at crippling business support for the President's Read More

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