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Did Bush Lie? Ask Google

President Bush came out swinging on Veterans Day in a speech accusing his Democratic war critics of re-writing history. Some war critics have mounted a campaign against him by boiling the entire pre-war history and post-invasion violence down to a... Read More

Vincent And Van Gogh

Casualties of war. That phrase conjures up thoughts of the young drafted soldier who never returned to the farm he grew up on. It makes us think of generals ordering grand armies to sweep across plains or ships sunk by... Read More

China, the US and the 'Four Nevers'

A US military delegation arrived in Taiwan Saturday, just ahead of a pivotal period in the island's history. The American delegation is in Taiwan to assess technology that Taiwanese industry might provide to the US military, most likely semiconductors. The... Read More

Good Collateral Damage

No matter how careful you are, whenever you go to war you will inevitably injure or even kill someone other than your enemy. It's called collateral damage, and the United States goes far out of its way to minimize it... Read More

The Japan Cards

On February 19, Japan and the US agreed that Taiwan's security is a common interest. The announcement came after a meeting between US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura and Defense Mi Read More

They've Got Nukes. So Is the Proliferation Security Initiative Working?

In mid-2002 the Bush administration embarked on a plan to bottle up North Korea's efforts to build a nuclear weapon, hoping to choke its ability to export nukes and other dangerous technologies to anyone willing to pay. Called the Proliferation... Read More

Mr. Multilateral

It is playing a key role in curbing and caging North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. It played a key role in disarming Libya, discovering and rolling up the Pakistani A.Q. Khan nuclear smuggling network, and has become a framework... Read More

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