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The Jock Itch: Taxes

Though they're no doubt elated just to be there, the wealthy Boston Red Sox players can be excused for being bummed facing the St. Louis Cardinals as their opponent in this year's World Series. Had it been the Houston... Read More

Fairy Shrimp vs. Man

A wide-body jet with 300 passengers lumbers westward on a runway at Los Angeles International Airport toward the ocean on its takeoff roll. About halfway down the runway, the captain pulls back on the yoke and the airliner pokes... Read More

Meet the Organiks

Never challenge organiks about the virtues of their food. Their fanatical faith in the imaginary benefits of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics and hormones will result in contemptuous loo Read More

Green Mountain Statists

Vermont's state motto, created 225 years ago by some people who might have actually meant it, is "Freedom and unity." Today these concepts are being tested in the Green Mountain State as it becomes a battleground in the culture... Read More

Fat Cats

Feeling a bit overweight? Blame capitalism. Or rather credit capitalism. In the not too distant past most people on the planet had difficulty getting enough good food to eat. But now we have a new worry: There's apparently too... Read More

Property Matters

Is private property, a right protected both by the Constitution and basic human liberty, under assault in America? In some places, it seems that it is. Connecticut's Supreme Court, making law rather than interpreting it as the judiciary should,... Read More

Feeling a Draft?

There's a generation of Americans who know nothing of conscription, nothing about anti-military protests, nothing about fleeing to Canada, nothing about burning draft cards. Could that very generation be the next one to face forced service? In its nearly... Read More

Punishing Popularity

State regulators are suing Nissan in New Jersey over the intensely bright xenon headlamps that come as equipment on some of the car maker's Maxima models. But not because they don't work properly. And not because they pose a... Read More

Swiss Re-diculous

There are enough alarmists out there already spewing their sulfurous rhetoric about global warming without private industry chirping about it as well. So a report from Swiss Re, the world's second-largest reinsurer, that warns that climate changes are going... Read More

Apocalypse Always

Last month a group of 19 scientists made an apocalyptic claim: If current warming trends continue, more than a million species will be extinct in less than half a century. This follows a possibly even more alarming statement made... Read More

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