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4x4 Class Struggle

Crusades usually start with a peace declaration. Here's what the Italian Minister of Environment Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio had to say recently on the subject of sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) and whether they should be allowed to circulate in Italian cities: "We... Read More

Power Games

The European Union is not at all united, as the fragmentation of its energy market illustrates all too clearly. Consider two recent planned acquisitions: German utility E.On made a bid for Spain's Endesa; Italy's Enel announced it would make acquire... Read More

Read Italy's Lips...

Italians have once again voted to change their governing coalition, choosing Romano Prodi's center-left alliance by a narrow margin over the incumbent center-right group led by Silvio Berlusconi. In the next few weeks the new parliament will have to vote... Read More

Hong Kong Phooey

Doha is dead, long live Doha. The last-minute agreement reached by negotiators on Sunday in Hong Kong to cut wealthy nations' export subsidies is being portrayed as a modest step forward and may help temporarily save the World Trade Organization's... Read More

Europe's Kyoto Bill

No matter how clear it becomes that the Kyoto Protocol will not work, the European Union will not admit that its climate policies will do nothing to affect global climate but will have a hugely negative effect on the global... Read More

Last Exit to Kyoto

The European Parliament's Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety is releasing a new report on the European Commission's communication on "Winning the Battle Against Global Climate Change". The report, edited by Swedish MEP Anders Wijkman, is a. Read More

Electric Slide

A group of Italian consumers associations is organizing an "electricity strike" this Wednesday, September 14. Italians are being asked to stop using electricity for five minutes at 11:30 am to protest against rising power costs. Adoc, Adusbef, Codacons, and... Read More

Leaving the Europeans Behind

Now that a new climate initiative has been signed by the US and five Asian and Pacific countries, the European Union finds itself increasingly isolated. The Bush administration has been able to put together a coalition of countries that account... Read More

High and Dry

Italy is lucky that in the past couple of weeks it has seen quite a lot of rain. Otherwise the country might have faced a serious water crisis. Despite official statements that situation was under control, river levels --... Read More

A Change in Climate

One of the key issues discussed at last week's G8 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland, was global warming. Although the conclusions were largely overshadowed by the London terrorist attacks, they demonstrate a huge shift in the way world leaders are addressing... Read More

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