Carlo Stagnaro: December 2004 Archives

When Your Mother Kills

A tsunami killed more than 40,000 in six Asian countries. Hundreds of thousands are either injured or missing. Cold numbers, however huge, cannot give you an idea of what kind of tragedy occurred. Pictures do. Corpses are lying everywhere,... Read More

Forget the Consumers

Europeans will have to pay for what Americans may have for free. A European court ruled that Microsoft must comply with sanctions imposed by former EU Commissioner Mario Monti in March on the basis that the corporation was abusing... Read More

TCS COP 10 Coverage: The EU is No Longer United

The European Union is no longer united. Until a few days ago, all of the member states were supposed to share a common position at least on environmental policies. Now, Italy has put it clear that it will not... Read More

They are the Champions

The term "national champions" used to refer to sports heroes proudly waving their country's flag on a victory podium. Nowadays, the reference has radically changed. "National champions" are businesses large enough to deserve government support. At least, this is.. Read More

Europe Cools Off

Whatever you think about President Bush, you have to admit that, at least, he's not going to cheat the voters on environmental issues. Since his first election in 2001, he has been very clear about what the US is... Read More

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