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The Venezuela Recall: Answering all that is Answerable

Venezuela's national election commission (CNE) has formally ratified the 58% to 42% defeat of the attempt to recall President Hugo Chavez. Chavez's opposition continues its refusal to accept the result. Because of a number of suspicious items -- including... Read More

Venezuela Recall Update

At the time of this writing, the leadership of the opposition to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the Coordinadora Democratica (CD), has not officially accepted Chavez's 58% - 42% victory in the August 15 recall referendum. On Friday afternoon, CD... Read More

Venezuela's Glorious Revolution?

A country lurches fitfully towards democracy. The institutions are in place, though their functioning is less than ideal. Then, democratic progress hits a snafu. A military leader takes control of the government. First, he purges his opponents from the... Read More

The Retreat to Fortress America

At last week's Democratic National Convention, the Democratic leadership outlined its vision for American foreign policy and the war on terrorism. Despite the frequent references to alliance building, the common theme running through the most prominent Democratic Read More

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