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Settle for Less

Microsoft announced this month that it had settled its antitrust dispute with RealNetworks by paying $761 million. It's the latest in a string of settlements Microsoft has made with competitors, including AOL Time Warner and IBM. Reaction to the news... Read More

Lords a Leaping

At the same time the G8 was meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland, to discuss climate change and development aid, a bit further south, the British House of Lords made public a report on the economics of climate change. This report deserves... Read More

Trade Wars: Revenge of the Tariff

On April 26, China's trade ministry spokesman transmitted an unambiguous message: "China hopes that Europe is able to identify the negative effects that limiting textile products would have on bilateral economic and trade relations." Writing in Le Figaro magazine, Read More

Information on Trial

The UIPP (French Crop Protection Association) recently launched an advertising campaign outlining the benefits of pesticides. Accused by environmental groups of spreading misinformation, this grouping of French pesticide manufacturers was summoned to court in Renne Read More

Risky Business

The French Parliament gathered last month to insert the so-called Environmental Charter into the French Constitution. As stated by Nicolas Hulot and Dominique Bourg in their article from the 28 February edition of Le Figaro, "the possible refusal to approve... Read More

Cartel Blanche

"The Commission will not and cannot tolerate price fixing and market sharing. I will not allow companies to carve up the EU's single market among themselves and deny customers the benefits to which they are entitled." So said the EU's... Read More

The Consumer Decides

Dorette Corbey, who serves on the European Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection committee, told the audience at a recent conference sponsored by TechCentralStation in Brussels that she is firmly opposed to liberalizing consumer informatio Read More

Win One for the Consumer

Last May, the European Commission concluded that Microsoft Corporation broke EU competition law and fined the US software giant €497 million. It also ordered Microsoft to disclose to competitors information concerning Windows OS and to offer a version of... Read More

Savoir Fair

If there is one area in which healthcare reform could be successful in France, it is in promoting the availability of medical information to consumers. Indeed, Bernard Fragonard, the president of la Cour des Comptes (the French State Auditors)... Read More

Monti's Sad Farewell

World reaction to the European Commission's ruling against Microsoft (the official decision announced in March was released last week by the EU executive) has fallen along predictable lines. The record-setting fine -- €497 million -- is denounced as either.. Read More

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