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Help Wanted: Leadership in World Trade

The position of world leader in free trade that was occupied by the United States since the end of the Second World War is now vacant. While there is still a chance that the United States can regain the mantle,... Read More

Should Taipei Go FTA Shopping?

The economics focus in the latest issue of The Economist is on how Mongolia is the only WTO member not yet in some form of bilateral or regional free trade arrangement. The author analyses the consequences of a further proliferation... Read More

Wait Till Next Year, and the Year After and the Year After ....

Not a day goes by without some trade official or politician stating he is committed to salvaging an outcome in the WTO Doha Development Agenda negotiations, and that such an outcome is possible this year. But nothing is going to... Read More

Time to Do the Deal

For the WTO Doha Round, intransigence is common. Countless deadlines have been set and missed. But despite this, prospects for a good outcome have increased significantly in recent days. Not surprisingly, the reasons for this change lie in Washington and... Read More

WTO: Will the Talks Collapse?

I was in Washington late last month talking to Government officials, think tanks, lobbyists, and some distinguished former influential trade policy officials about the prospects for the World Trade Organization's (WTO) Doha Round. Like me, most had already conclude Read More

A US-New Zealand FTA?

I recently attended the first meeting of the United States-New Zealand Partnership Forum in Washington. The Forum brought together eighty business, Government, and academic leaders from both countries to talk about how to take the relationship forward. It was atten Read More

WTO and Lowered Expectations

March 22nd in Washington (March 23rd in Wellington) was an interesting day for trade policy. At the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington, USTR Ambassador Rob Portman gave a speech to the Agribusiness Group of Washington. At the WTO Headquarters in... Read More

Some Steps Forward, Some Backward

In my 1 March article "Working Around the Protectionists" I suggested that a plurilateral approach to services negotiations might add real impetus to this important leg of the three-legged WTO Doha Round. I also suggested that if sectors were selected... Read More

Go-Around Redux

The EU's Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development was in town yesterday and I had the pleasure of both hearing her speak as well as talking with her afterwards. Mariann Fisher Boel painted a picture of a fragile WTO Round... Read More

Going Around the Protectionists

Regular readers of TCS may recall that I was not as negative about the outcome of the Hong Kong WTO Ministerial Meeting as some other commentators on this site. I acknowledged that there was still a huge amount of work... Read More

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