Charles Finny: March 2006 Archives

WTO and Lowered Expectations

March 22nd in Washington (March 23rd in Wellington) was an interesting day for trade policy. At the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington, USTR Ambassador Rob Portman gave a speech to the Agribusiness Group of Washington. At the WTO Headquarters in... Read More

Some Steps Forward, Some Backward

In my 1 March article "Working Around the Protectionists" I suggested that a plurilateral approach to services negotiations might add real impetus to this important leg of the three-legged WTO Doha Round. I also suggested that if sectors were selected... Read More

Go-Around Redux

The EU's Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development was in town yesterday and I had the pleasure of both hearing her speak as well as talking with her afterwards. Mariann Fisher Boel painted a picture of a fragile WTO Round... Read More

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