Charles Matthew Rousseaux: April 2004 Archives

Taxing the Tide?

Jerry Seinfeld's mailman menace Newman once proclaimed, "You remember this: When you control the mail, you control information!" He was partially right in that distant era when the sitcom was recorded. Since then, e-mail has become as commonplace as... Read More

Lab's Labors Lost?

It could be that the seductive possibilities of the lab-coat-cross-eyed look combination have been consistently underrated. It might be that the uncertain scents scientists are steeped in at the laboratory contain pheromones of phenomenal potency. Whatever the rea Read More

Edgy About Innovation

Sharp minds are the source of cutting-edge technology; the innovations they've produced are the wellspring of U.S. supremacy. Those benefits will be lost if innovative minds are blunted by bad bills, blundering bureaucracies or even bogus branding. Patrick Gelsing Read More

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